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Clear Vision & Relief from Eye Strain 


Clear Vision & Relief from Eye Strain 


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Neurolens in Tampa, FL 

In today’s digital age, we spend so much time staring at screens, which can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms like headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and eye strain. While stress can contribute to these symptoms, another overlooked cause is binocular vision dysfunction. At I-Care Optical in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Neil Patel and our team are dedicated to offering innovative solutions like Neurolens to address this issue. 

What is binocular vision dysfunction? 

Binocular vision dysfunction is a condition where your eyes have difficulty working together, which leads to eye misalignment. This misalignment can cause uncomfortable symptoms when spending too much time looking at screens. Symptoms may include eye strain and fatigue, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, motion sickness/feeling off-balance, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, difficulty reading, sensitivity to light, and even trouble sleeping.

Combatting binocular vision dysfunction with Neurolens 

Neurolens is an advanced solution for treating binocular vision dysfunction. These prescription lenses have a special prism that helps align your eyes, reducing the strain and discomfort caused by eye misalignment. According to Neurolens, 80% of patients who experience symptoms related to eye misalignment find relief with these incredible lenses. 

How are Neurolenses prescribed?   

When you come in for your eye exam at I-Care Optical, we’ll quickly perform a Neurolens measurement test. It’s a non-invasive test that analyzes your eye movements to check for any misalignment. Afterward, Dr. Patel will go over the results with you and prescribe your customized Neurolenses. 

Neurolenses can be tailored for each patient and are offered with or without vision correction, in any style of frame. Even if you don’t normally wear prescription eyeglasses, Neurolenses can still provide relief from the painful symptoms of eye misalignment. 

Relief is in sight

Get started with Neurolens 

If you’re experiencing headaches, neck and shoulder pain, or eye strain due to increased screen time, we’re here to help. Contact us today in Tampa to schedule your appointment and find out if Neurolenses are right for you.  

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