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Cataract Diagnosis & Co-Management

As you get older, your risk of developing cataracts increases. At I-Care Optical in Tampa, Florida, our skilled eye doctor Dr. Neil Patel can diagnose and monitor the progression of cataracts. When it’s time for cataract surgery, we will refer you to a trusted surgeon and provide you with follow-up care. 

What are cataracts?  

A cataract occurs when the normally clear lens of the eye becomes cloudy. This clouding happens when proteins in the eye break down and clump together, making it difficult for light to pass through. Over time, the cataract worsens, and more of the lens becomes cloudy. While often associated with age, cataracts can also develop due to trauma or medical conditions such as diabetes. 

Cataract diagnosis & treatment  

Detecting cataracts early is crucial for effective management. At our office in Tampa, we use the latest diagnostic technology to identify early signs of cataracts and recommend the best treatment for managing it effectively such as corrective lenses. While contact lenses and eyeglasses can’t treat or cure cataracts, they can temporarily help to correct blurry vision. 

Cataract surgery co-management 

Our eye doctor will recommend cataract surgery as soon as your cataracts start affecting your quality of life and ability to perform daily activities.  If surgery is necessary, Dr. Patel and the team at I-Care Optical offer expert co-management services. This means we work closely with your surgeon before and after the procedure to ensure you receive the highest quality care. 

Before surgery, we help with pre-operative evaluations and help you understand what to expect from the procedure. After surgery, we provide post-operative care, which includes monitoring your recovery process, managing any discomfort or side effects, and ensuring the best possible outcome for your vision.


Schedule an eye exam in Tampa, FL 

At I-Care Optical, your vision health is our priority. Our team, led by Dr. Patel, is committed to providing exceptional eye care, from eye exams to co-management of cataract surgery. If you’re concerned about cataracts, contact us today to schedule an eye exam at our office in Tampa, Florida.  

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