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Frequently Asked Questions about Neurolens Eye Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide

Nov 1, 2023 | Eyewear, Neurolens

Frequently Asked Questions about Neurolens Eye Treatment: A Comprehensive Guide

Nov 1, 2023 | Eyewear, Neurolens

Today, almost everything is digital, meaning we spend most of our time looking at screens. Besides our leisure time, we spend most of our workdays on digital screens. A common outcome of this for many people is digital eye strain, and those with eye misalignment may develop specific symptoms. 
Eye misalignment is much more common than you would think. The condition’s symptoms are very common to those that occur from eye strain. The most telling are headaches, general eye strain, and neck and shoulder pain. Eye misalignment affects the entire eye system and other muscles that support your vision. Neurolenses are the most effective solution for eye misalignment.  
So, what are Neurolenses? Here are the most frequently asked questions about Neurolenses.  

What are Neurolenses? 

Neurolenses are unique and come from discovering a link between the brain and the eyes. The specific connection is between the optical structures and the trigeminal nerve. The lenses are custom-made to fit every patient’s exact misalignment.   
The lenses use a specially contoured prism that realigns the eyes, and the contours are calibrated precisely to match your misalignment. It helps relieve the pressure that the misalignment causes on your trigeminal nerve. 

How are Neurolenses different? 

As mentioned above, Neurolenses are contoured to match your specific alignment. Like other lenses, they are prescription lenses. However, they use particular prisms to change your eye alignment.  

How often should you wear them? 

Many eye doctors who prescribe the lenses recommend that you wear the lenses throughout your day. Using them all day will ensure you get the best results.  

How long before you see results? 

Some people with mild misalignment usually see results in about three to seven days. If you have more severe eye misalignment, you may need to use the lenses for two to three weeks for the symptoms to subside.  

Will I need my prescription contacts? 

A great thing about Neurolenses is that they can do two things simultaneously. They correct eye misalignment and address refractive errors. Eye doctors can include any prescription of eyewear into your Neurolenses. It means you can enjoy perfect vision without two separate types of eyewear. 

Do Neurolenses have any side effects? 

Neurolenses actively adjust the way your brain and your eyes communicate. Because of this, you may feel disoriented the first time you use them. Other than this, the lenses do not cause any other effects that can affect your quality of life.  

How effective are Neurolenses? 

Neurolenses are effective, with up to 93 percent of all patients reporting a decrease in symptoms of eye misalignment after using the lenses. According to a study on patients using Neurolenses, 81.6 percent reported significant reductions in chronic headaches after using the lenses for 90 days. Another study showed that 100 percent of the patients with computer vision syndrome reported positive results from using them. 

How do I know I am a candidate? 

You will need a professional eye doctor to conduct specific tests to know if you qualify for the lenses.  
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